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tv   News 9 Tonight  ABC  September 17, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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license, registration and age and let her go. franklin police officers are looking for a man who pretended to be one of them. friday night around 8:30 a woman was pulled over on new hampton road by a man with blue and white lights on his car and wearing a dark uniform. police say he asked for her license and registration. >> she provided those documents for the male subject, at which time he asked for her age. then he stated to her that she was ok and als the evening. >> the bizarre encounter appears to be the only one that police are aware of. officers increased patrols in the area and stayed with the victims at her home. >> no badge or firearm was displayed during the incident, but she felt uncomfortable and that mcgee was wrong with that situation. >> the impersonator is described as a white man about 5'9", weighing about 170 pounds, clean shaven with short
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police are following up on leads, concerned by the suspect's actions. >> we take pride in what we do. there is a lot of ep training that goes behind that. we try to provide a safe and secure environment for hero citizens here in franklin. so we found that to be very alarming to us. >> if faced with a similar situation, police recommend driving to a well lit area and calling over where you are and what is going on. we can try to dispatch a unit. >> posing as a police officer is a felony, and this suspect could face 3 1/2 to seven years in point. anyone with information is asked to call police. in franklin, mike cronin, wmur news 9. >> right now commercial street in manchester is shut down because after motorcycle crash.
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injured, and right now they are in the hospital. officers are asking drivers to use canal street whoo while they investigate. authorities have identified the suspect in a manchester murder. tonight that person is at large. police are searching for billy maldonado, who killed a person at the corner of beach and merrimack streets. he is puerto ran with short dark hair, facial hair and brown eyes. investigators say it is possible he left the air and could be armed. >> mr. maldonado may be armed with a firearm, so anyone who sees him is urged not to approach him but to immediately call the police. >> and anyone with information on this case is asked to call police. happening now, a brushfire is burning in hooksett. more than 50 firefighters battled those flames today.
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conditions, and they will return to scene in the morning. the red cross is providing support for those first respondsers. another new hampshire town is in danger of low water levels. now the director of emergency management is urging people who live there to take steps to reduce their water use. officials are asking people to stop watering lawns altogether, turn off the faucet while washing hands and teeth. they say each one of those water use. and the department of environmental services is also urging everyone across the state to conserve water because of the extreme you drought. we could see a little relief tonight and term. our meteorologist is tracking some chances of showers. >> we do have some radar echoes that are green, which is good news. maybe we don't want the yellows and reds which indicate downpours and strong to severe storms.
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we have a lot of weather to the west of syracuse and ithaca, new york. there are some showers creeping in across northern parts of the state. eventually the rain chances will increase over southern new hampshire. unfortunately, not a whole lot of beneficial rain tomorrow. as you can clearly see on futurecast, the showers will be few and far between. but there could be a couple of downpours and a scattered storm for your sunday. what about more rain c and monday? we will look at those possibilities straight ahead. >> thank you. well, a mike cyclist is in the hospital tonight after a crash in southampton. police say the accident called hill detail avenue, but it is back own. the motorcyclist is the only person involved in the crash and suffered severe injuries. a massachusetts man is facing d.w.i. and drug chargeses.
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they charged it 2-year-old connor sudsby. the manchester community came together today to stone addiction at rally for recovery at veterans park. hope for new hampshire recovery created the event, which proints resources to those battling adks. while the vinny hopes to make the connection to recovery services, it is also a time for people to celebrate being in recovery. >> somebody affected by addiction, and you want to learn about what you can do to help them, this is a great place to come. >> people know that hope is a resource. they know the name, they know the brand, and they know they can go there for answers. we are tickled to develop that for the community and the state. >> and hope for new hampshire has recovery centers in manchester, concord, dairy, claremont, new port and berlin. a piece of sculpture in
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took it. the creator of the statue says someone took a small beetle off that statue. it was created pooh by one of his students and is missing. he is offering a $100 reward for return of the beetle, no questions asked. tonight a philadelphia officer is recovering after being ambushed in her car. a gunman fired 18 times wounding the officer and one other. one person was climmed. the beginman was shot and killed by police in an alley. they offend a note expressing hatred for police officers at that scene. heavy tension tonight between the u.s. and russia. the u.s. military says it may have unintentionally struck syrian troops while targeting the islamic state tonight. more than 60 people were killed in the air strike and 100 injured. the obama administration has
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for the unintentional loss of life. a part of history is now living in the granite state. today, saint anselm college planted a tree that is your vifed the bombing in hiroshima. it is one of a few trees who survived the blast. 140,000 people were killed due to the atomic bomb. well, a 2-year-old the stranger who rescued the toddler specks out. and raising money for children's hospital at dartmouth. we take you to the enchanting evening at manchester community college. >> clouds continue to thicken up tonight with showers for some. how long will the unsettled
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narrator: over and over it's been their agenda: anything to defund planned parenthood. kelly ayotte and washington republicans voted 6 different times to defund planned parenthood. they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare. kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change. i'm maggie hassan >> an update now to breaking news out of new york city where at least 29 people were hurt due toe an explosion. police are calling it an intentional act, but so far there has been no evidence of terrorism. the cause of the explosion has
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a possible secondary device. you can stick with us for any updates on that breaking news. new tonight, an investigation is under way in maine after a 2-year-old was pulled from the river. a stranger is now being credited with saving that toddler's life. authorities say the boy was struggling in the water and yelled for help, and a man on the opposite side of the river heard the cries. he managed to pull the child to safety and then perform c. p.r. until the first responders arrived. >> he was part of his hoodie and his diaper. >> and the 2-year-old is recovering tonight. right now police are trying to figure out where the child's guardians were during the incident and whether any charges should now be filed. it was a night filled with fantasy and storybook characters, all for a heartwarming cause. children's hospital at dartmouth-hitchcock held their
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>> from ellie the el fanlt to the adventures of buzz light year and woody from toy story. it reminded the community how important the work is at chad. >> the funds raised at occasions like this help us to provide specialized pediatric care. >> more than 30 people used their creativity to create the styb designed to delight parents while reminding everyone of the reason they are automatic there. parents and children touched personally crafted these tables. >> i knew i could offer my creative services for something that was so worthwhile. >> celeste's daughter was a patient of chad when she was first born. >> chad helped my daughter and my family, and so i wanted to inspire others and get them to
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event. treating babies to opiate addicted parents. they will continue to intercept is to show how thankful they are. >> it is just one less stress for the parents, and it just warms my heart. i will do this every year as long as they continue to do it. i love it. >> and a mad hatter tea party was held this afternoon for kids aged 3-12 tour the tables. the 2016 comicon convention is going on this weekend at the radisson hotel in manchester. hundreds of people showed up dressed as their favor characters. among the vendors there was a booth called poke aid. it is a group that uses the game pokemon go to help the community. they were selling ruffle
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bank. >> pokemon go, we set up where pokemon players were playing, and we starred checking donations for the food bank. >> so far it has collected $70 for the food bank and 70 pounds of food. >> the manchester v.a. medical center held a first of its kind event today to honor our veterans. the event called ref it up for heroes featured a car show and a winning ceremony. dozens of welcomed home after many years. the ceremony was held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. it was thought up and organized by the center's director. >> it has been her vision to open up manchester v.a. to the community so we could all be together more and enjoy the support for our community volunteers and have a place of gathering not just health care.
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>> now we have your storm watch 9 forecast. >> great weather for that streant today and for any activity outscores. we had a little bit of low cloudiness and fog early as you can see by the photos. but then the sun went to work, boosted the temperatures nicely to around 80 inland, cooler at the coast. a beautiful sunset, too, out there at newfound lake. clouds are going to -- beginning to take over. monday. good news for the drought situation over southern new hampshire as we should see at least some rainfall. not enough to put a big dent in the drought, but any bit will help here. there are scattered showers developing in northern parts of new hampshire. you are not in the drought up there, but you are getting a little bit of rain. heavier downpours sit to our west, and some of those will survive the trip in here over
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morning we could see some heavier downpours or a thunderstorm in a given community. less of a shot in the southern zones over night, but still a chance of a shower or thundershower. much warmer at hour of the evening than it has been the last several nights because the wind flow is building in out of the south, driving in the clouds. you see the dew points, indicating the moisture at low levels. 50 to 60 around new hampshire our west. it will be muggy tomorrow and into monday. that leads to the best chance of rain over the next seven days for new hampshire. overnight tonight, we will only drop a few genes. upper 50's and 60's for money. sheer a cold front from the west. going to stall over the top of us tomorrow afternoon and into monday. at that time, more moisture from the south and indirectly
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carolinas will help to enhance rainfall sunday night and monday. for this night we will be talking about rain chances, especially up north. an ice layed shower or storm in the southern part of the state. then scattered storms tomorrow. there could be a lull around midday. and then more showers and storms develop for tomorrow night. futurecast shows quite a bit of hampshire. we could get a half inch to three quarters of an inch of rain and a few lingering showers for the rest of monday. following that, we are back to dry weather tuesday, wednesday and good part of the end of week as well. for tomorrow, of the umbrella handy, be on guard for the passing thunderstorm, especially early up north and anywhere in the afternoon. but there will be many dry hours as well. moving ahead to monday, we have the shower continuing. we could actually see some heavy rain. some of that may be in the form
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the morning. then it dries out nicely for tuesday, wednesday and the end of the week. while it is going to be dry from tuesday on, we are going to try to squeeze out any rain we can out of clouds the next two days. >> and i am sure a loe of people are looking forward to that. >> we need more than that, but we take whatever we can get. >> we will send it over to jason with a look a the sports.
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announcer: now, jason king and
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the state's two division i football programs going head-to-head for granite state bragging routes. dartmouth football had not beaten new hampshire in 40 years but wanted to change too tonight. it was 7-0 dartmouth when the camera arrived. the big green defense holding firm. dalton forced outside. he coughs it up. brennan recovers for dartmouth, but that turnover did not lead to points. second quarter, still 7-0. off by the sophomore, he takes it 61 yards the other way for a u.n.h. touchdown, and we are tied at 7-7. big play for both teams here. rider stone has a huge hole, and he finds some open field. but casey punches the ball loose from behind, and that is a wildcats to have. that led to this. trevor knight, 27 years to presley for the score.
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dartmouth trailed 21-10 but rallied with two fourth quarter touchdowns. hennigan hit mark with 1:30 to play for the go-ahead score, and dartmouth beats u.n.h. for the first time since 1976. 22-21 the final. good for the big green. elsewhere, saint anselm and new haven going in opposite directions. new haven wins policeman eighthout stale gets a win. high school football now, a rematch of last year's division iii title game. ryan kelly is going to give it to andrew brothers, who goes almost untouched over the right side. 21-at that point. dillon back to pass but running for his life. his off balance throw pick off by brothers, doing it on both sides of the ball. and then brothers is going to
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touchdowns on the ground. colin she hand had two interceptions today. the game was not what we expected. interlakes rolls 48-0. elsewhere in d iii. franklin playing. in the first quarter, the bears get on the bears. he takes it in for the short touchdown. this time this time the pass is picked off by franklin's max joyce. nice play by the senior quad. winnisquam win big. the blue devils in the blue uniforms. 6-0 toppers. but jake runs the counter to the right side, makes a couple
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8-6 after the two-point querk. summers the worth. picked off that time by ray mills and a nice return into blue devil territory. that would lead to this short touchdown run in the second quarter. good game, somersworth holds on to win 33-28. both teams are 1-2. campbell had six different players score touch farmington-nute. and levy rashed for 182 yards and to touchdowns for his team as they win 47-0. hand over and st. thomas remain unbeaten with wins over pembrook. the cavaliers win 40-14. good win for goffstown off timber layne this afternoon.
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he had two interceptions, returning one for a touchdown and also had a kick return for a touchdown. the red sox are making the most of their four-game weekend with the yankees. winning again today, making it three straight. david price on the mound. after his eighth consecutive win. it was 1-0 in the top of the third. gary sanchez takes price deep, 3-1 yankees. in the bottom of the third, david ortiz grounds out to second, good enough to score xander bogaerts. his 116th r.b.i. on the season. that made it 3-2. bottom of the seventh, 5-4 yankees, runner on third. mookie betts hit a chopper up the middle to score bogaerts to tie the game at 5-5. later in the seventh, warren throws one in the dirt. betts will score the go-ahead run. 6-5 boston. craig kimbrel came in to close it out, and the red sox win again.
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red sox are gaining ground in the division. moving on now, the patriots, they will host the dolphins on sunday. after the break, here from julian edelman, his thoughts on
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>> the patriots held a light walk through today as they put the finishing touches on the home opener. the dolphins comes to foxborough for the kickoff. rob gronkowski still lied as questionable for sunday's game. he missed the opener with a about playing at home. >> feels good. it's the home. any time you can play around your own fans and feel the excitement for you instead of against you, it's a fun feeling . travel is less and getting to have your routine when you are back at home is nice. it is going to be good.
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in the amateur senior golf championship. he is tied for 48th at four
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